Thursday, April 8, 2010

portraiture: The Maths Girls.


salam and greetings,

sorry for the lack of updates. we've been k-k-kind of busy these few weeks with college works and whatnot. but don't worry, we will always come back for more =)

school holiday is approaching; that means family gathering such as weddings and events are coming your ways too. so if you're in need of photography service, but on a tight budget, just contact us. our rate starts from RM150, that's a lot you can save.

in the mean time, take care and Be Clicked!


.ayarusinah. said...

gembira sy tengok gmbr2 ni! :)

. said...

macam mau pegi kawin ja dorang kan? hehe.

.ayarusinah. said...

iyaa. c eno mcm ada rp pngantin sudh ni. hehe

Mr Cruzzo said...

She's pretty... ;)